Miss Cole's Holocaust WebQuest



The Holocaust was a terrible and tragic time in modern history during which millions of people were systematically destroyed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. These people were targeted by the Nazis because of their beliefs, background, heritage, and/or their lifestyle.

We are studying the Holocaust to remember the horror and destruction that evil will do when given the opportunity.

We will be looking at the Holocaust for the next few weeks and this WebQuest will help provide you with essential background knowledge for other texts that we will be reading, including The Diary of Anne Frank (play version) and Four Perfect Pebbles, by Lila Perl and Marion Blumenthal Lazan.

The Task

Your task is to explore the websites on each page so that you may better understand the events and people that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazism. You will also discover what exactly the Holocaust was and those whom it affected, then and now. 

The Process

Beginning with "Germany-Post World War I" at the top of the navigation bar on the left, make your way down through this site's pages, following the directions in yellow and  exploring other websites by clicking on the orange links. 

Although some pages only have one website to visit, other pages have more than one. Please visit all links and answer all questions in your note packet fully and in complete sentences.


This WebQuest will be evaluated based on the quality and completeness of the answers in your companion note packet. 

You will also be graded on the test that follows the completion of the WebQuest.


As a result of your research into Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, you have reviewed a large amount of information relating to the Holocaust and the time period surrounding it.  

It is important to learn about atrocities like the Holocaust and to educate those who come after us so that we do not repeat the mistakes of past generations. Completing this WebQuest is a step in that direction.